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Lumigan Nebenwirkung

Buy Lumigan From MexicoVisit of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama to Vilnius from 11th to 14th of September, 2013

 From 11th to 14th of September, one of the most well-known world authorities, spiritual leader of Tibet, and honored citizen of Užupis district in Vilnius His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama will be visiting Vilnius. The Nobel Peace Prize laureate and the long-term political authority of Tibet will visit Lithuania for the third time.

On 12th of September His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama will hold a press-conference and visit the Seimas of Republic of Lithuania. Then at the Town Hall His Holiness will meet with the members of local religious communities, representatives of arts and sciences, Tibet supporters as well as sponsors of the visit

On 13th of September from 1230PM to 2PM at ,,Siemens” arena in Vilnius His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama will give a public talk on ,,The Path to Peace and Happiness in the Global Society”. His Holiness will share his thoughts on today’s morality, ethics, and ecology issues. The lecture is the only event open for public. The public lecture of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama at ,,Siemens” arena will be broadcasted on two large screens. Therefore everyone will be able to see and hear His Holiness properly.

All funds collected via ticket sales will be used to pay the expenses of the visit. The rest will be donated at His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama’s discretion. Therefore everyone who purchase tickets will become sponsors of the visit.

You can purchase tickets here:Lumigan Eye Drop Price


On the occasion of the visit the Days of Tibetan Culture will be held in Vilnius from 7th to 28rd of September

On 7th of September at noon at UMI gallery “Galera” (Užupis Street, 2A) the opening of photography exhibition “The Himalayas” by Algirdas Kumža will take place. The exhibition will be open from 7th to 16th of September, daily from 10AM to 7PM.

Right after the opening of the exhibition a group of Tibetan monks from Sera monastery in India will start constructing the sand Mandala of Avalokiteshvara. Everyone interested will be able to observe the creation of the Mandala daily from 10AM to 7PM till 12th of September.

From 7th to 14th of September, daily from 10AM to 7PM at Vilnius square of Tibet (Malūnai Street) photography exhibition by Jurga Ivanauskaitė (1961-2007) from her journey to Tibet in 1998 will take place. She was a well-known writer, artist and an active supporter of Tibet.

On 8th of September at 5PM and on 11th of September at 6PM at the Big hall of Vilnius Teachers’ House (Vilnius Street 39) Tibetan monks will perform ritual Cham dances. Traditional Cham dances, supposedly, were influenced by the ancient Indian pantomime performances, which were played close to Buddhist monasteries in Tibet, as well as by indigenous believes of shamans, Bon practicioners, and Tibetan traditional dances. The tradition of Cham dances has been preserved until today in Tibetan monasteries rebuild in exile.

On 9th of September at 6PM meeting with Tibetan political prisoner Ngawang Phuntsok will take place at the Salon of Vilnius Teachers’ House (Vilnius Street 39). A film about dramatic situation in present day Tibet and self-immolations of Tibetan monks, resulting in more than hundred victims within few years, will be also shown. In addition, the guest will share his personal experience of his life in occupied Tibet.

On 10th of September at 5PM the opening of the exhibition of Northern Buddhism religious art – roll paintings thangkas – will take place at M. and J. Šlapeliai house-museum (Pilies Street 40). The exhibitions will be open from 10th to 23rd of September on museum working hours. As well, evenings of films on Tibet will be organized at the museum.

On 12th of September at 230PM at the Square of Tibet His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama will unveil the new mosaic composition “Mandala”, created by Rimantas Sakalauskas, a laureate of Lithuanian National Culture and Art Award. The sculpture will become the focal accent of the Square of Tibet in Vilnius. Afterwards, at 3PM His Holiness will lead the ceremony of dismantling the Avalokiteshvara sand Mandala at the gallery “Galera” in Užupis.

On 8th of September at 3PM, the 11th at 830PM and the 13th at 630PM at ,,Pasaka” cinemamatheque (Šv. Ignotas Street 4/3) the documentary ,,My Reincarnation” by Jennifer Fox about the prominent Tibetan spiritual master Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche and his son, Khyentse Yeshi Namkhai (Yeshi), who stubbornly refuses to follow his father will be shown.

The Film will be also shown in Kaunas at cinema “Romuva” (Laisvės aley 4) on the 8th of September at 2PM, the 13th at 7 PM and the 14th at 6 PM

On the 16th of September at 5.30 PM opening of the exhibition “The Buddha’s Shine”  by  Paulius Normantas will take place at the art gallery “Akademija” (Pilies street 44). The exhibition will be open from 16th to 28th of September on gallery working hours.

The opportunity to see His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in Lithuania and to introduce the uniqueness of Tibet during the Days of Tibetan Culture has been made possible only by the private initiative and support. The visit is organized voluntarily by the Lithuanian Seimas Group for Inter-Parliamentary Relations with Tibet, Vilnius City Municipality, public institution “Baltic Environmental Forum”, Tibet Support Group, and Lithuanian Buddhist Communities. Organizers are encouraging everyone to support His Holiness visit, Days of Tibetan Culture in Vilnius and the execution of sculpture ,,Mandala” in the square of Tibet by purchasing tickets to His Holiness public talk at ,,Siemens” arena on 13th of September or by transferring personal donations to the special account:

Account holder:
 Baltic Environment Forum Lithuania

ID code: 110090837

Bank account details: LT624010042401021836, AB DNB Bankas, bank code: 40100; bank address: J. Basanavičiaus str. 26, 03601 Vilnius – 6, Lithuania,  SWIFTAGBLLT2X 

Purpose of payment: If you want to support exclusively only the visit of Dalai Lama or only Tibetan cultural events, please indicate that in the field “payment purpose”.